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Organic fertilizer equipment production line
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Organic fertilizer equipment production line
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  With the development and expansion of the livestock and poultry breeding industry, a large amount of manure and sewage are produced. These feces and sewage are difficult to use the traditional way of returning to the field to directly treat. Based on this feature, our company has developed organic fertilizer production equipment. Mainly use solid or liquid materials to decompose, sterilize, deodorize and ferment, and combine a series of processes such as fecal decomposing fermentation, raw material mixing, crushing and stirring, particle processing, drying and cooling, screening and coating, and automatic packaging to form a complete set The organic fertilizer production device has low raw material cost and high nutrient content of the finished product, which is very suitable for the growth of crops.
Performance characteristics:
  The organic fertilizer production line uses chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, etc. as raw materials, and does not contain other chemical components. Chickens and pigs have poor digestibility and can only consume 25% of the nutrients, while the other 75% of the nutrients in the feed will be excreted with the feces, which can make the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, the content of amino acids, protein and other ingredients is kept high. Taking livestock manure and urine as an example, the manure and urine excreted by a pig in one year can be combined with litter to make 2000-2500KG of high-quality organic fertilizer. The organic matter content can reach 11%-12%, which is rich in nitrogen and phosphorus. A variety of nutrients, such as potassium and potassium, have a content of more than 6%, which is enough to meet the annual fertilizer requirement of one mu of land.
Purchasing the organic fertilizer production line produced by our company can not only meet the needs of fertilizers in various regions, but also meet the needs of surrounding markets. Bio-organic fertilizers are widely used in various fields such as farmland, fruit trees, flowers, landscaping, high-end lawns, soil improvement, etc., and have good effects. The subsidy policies for agriculture in various countries are very conducive to the development of customers, so investing in the fertilizer industry is a good choice.

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